How to cure blindness for £20

Join us in helping cure at least 100 people of needless blindness this August. We are attempting the Three Peak Challenge on August 4th to 5th. We need your help. We'll be climbing 3 peaks, for an ascent of 10,000 ft over a distance of 37km in 24 hours to raise funds for the Himalayan Cataract Project.We ask you to click the button at the bottom of this post to contribute whatever you can. For every £20 you donate, you will cure one person of blindness. 18 million people in the developing world have needless blindness and become a burden on their families. Your £20 allows them not only to see again but to become a contributing member of their community once more. The financial impact you create is 10X more than what you donate.Thank you for helping people to regain their sight. We appreciate your support in helping 100 people to start living again.