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Using the hero’s journey to overcome the fear of surgery

By |December 30th, 2018|Categories: Customer Service and Sales Observations, Marketing Feature, News|

As the race to the bottom has proven, price-cutting is not the route to jump-starting eye surgery volumes. For the majority who could benefit from laser eye surgery, even the lowest-price inducements of £399/eye are insufficient. No, the price objection is a superficial smokescreen that often masks a deeper objection - fear. Overcoming the fear objection, therefore, is one of the most important jobs for anyone offering laser refractive surgery. In this post, I write how using the hero's journey in patient stories can help people overcome their fear of surgery.

To people who want to write a book but can’t get started

By |December 10th, 2018|Categories: Marketing how to|Tags: , , |

In this post, we share our top "lessons learned" after writing our first book - How to Grow Your Practice with Presbyopic Patients. If you've ever contemplated writing a book of your own, read our tips to help you get started, and most importantly, finish that book inside of you.In 2017, ZEISS commissioned us to write a book aimed at summarising everything we know about what we do best - growing medical businesses - and apply it to their most recent innovation - PRESBYOND Blended Laser Vision - or LASIK for people who wear reading glasses.We've wanted to write a book for a long time. We even had about 70,000 words written as a draft that we'd been slowly working on for years. However, it took a customer (ZEISS) to prompt us to finish it, and for that, we're genuinely grateful.If you want a copy of our book, you can get it in this post but first, let's get started by answering the question - why should you write a book at all?

7 tried and proven approaches to boost creativity

By |November 23rd, 2018|Categories: Customer Service and Sales Observations|

Creativity is a crucial business skill - especially in healthcare marketing. Most of the medical marketing we see out there is boring, bland and has a bad case of me-too-itis. Patients hate it. The good news is creativity isn't solely a talent possessed by artists, designers or musicians. You can learn how to be creative about your clinic or healthcare business by tweaking the way you think and behave. Here are 7 approaches to upgrade your mindset and produce the results you need from your patient communications...

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How to write healthcare website copy that converts

By |October 1st, 2018|Categories: Step 1: Getting more leads|

Need to write or edit your healthcare website? Pretty websites don't sell things. Words sell things. Therefore, your ability to write (or judge whether copywriting is good) is crucial for your ability to convert visitors into leads. In this post, we share the writing principles we use when copywriting our client's content for conversions...

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Did your website traffic just plummet? The Google Medic Update may be the reason

By |September 14th, 2018|Categories: Step 1: Getting more leads|

In this post, we give you some quick facts about what you need to know about the Google Medic Update, what you can do about it if the Google Medic Update affected you, what we’re doing to help our customers deal with the Google Medic Update and what you can do for yourself.

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