Project Description

A website redesign for Grange Eye Consultants leads to multiple First Page Google placements

We met ophthalmologists Robert Morris, Keith Bates and Paul Rosen over ten years ago when advising them on the set-up of Grange Eye Consultants. At that time they developed a website that they did not update for over ten years. After meeting the three eye surgeons at ESCRS 2015 in Barcelona, we agreed to a website redesign for Grange Eye Consultants.

The challenge

Before a website redesign for Grange Eye Consultants

The Grange Eye Consultants circa 2004

Grange Eye Consultants is a virtual clinic where the eye surgeons work more or less interdependently from different locations around the south-east of England. We needed to not only engage the visitor with more emotive and up-to-date imagery but to also portray them as a cohesive unit. Most importantly, our aim with a website redesign for Grange Eye Consultants was to increase visitors and enquiries to the website.

On the right-hand side of this section, you can see a screenshot of the Grange Eye Consultant’s website as it was between 2004 and 2015. While not unattractive, the website was built in a time when image size was a major consideration for visitors who visited the site with low speed connections. The site was in dire need of modernisation.

The solution

We made extensive use of natural-feeling stock imagery that evoked the feelings that people have after laser eye surgery. We wanted to distinguish Grange with a black and white image scheme that invokes sophistication. The three surgeons have worked together for a long time and have jointly accumulated a level of experience that puts them at the summit of their profession. It was important to demonstrate this degree of reliability and ability on their website.

Together, we wrote over 30 pages of search engine optimised content, which enables the site to win first-page Google SERP position for the very important terms for their primary services and territories:

  • laser eye surgery Oxford
  • laser eye surgery Southampton
  • laser eye surgery Taunton
  • lens replacement Oxford
  • lens replacement Southampton
  • lens replacement Taunton
  • cataract surgery Oxford
  • cataract surgery Southampton
  • cataract surgery Taunton

We used a “call me back” form with an associated lead magnet to drive more enquiries. Part of our solution involved implementing a form and phone routeing system that enabled callers to use one point of contact to choose among over half a dozen locations. Both calls and form leads are significantly more numerous than ever before.

The results

All three surgeons were very impressed with their website visual appeal. They also enjoyed receiving many more enquiries than ever before. Here’s Rob Morris and Paul Rosen sharing their views on working with LiveseySolar during the website redesign for Grange Eye Consultants.

Rob Morris on why he chose LiveseySolar

Paul Rosen on why he chose LiveseySolar