“He was approachable, helpful & constructive”

Some businesses choose to limit the skills known by different members of their teams. Others consider cross-training their teams to be a smart business move. I, obviously, agree with the latter perspective. Cross-training not only achieves the clear benefits of having more bodies to handle disparate business tasks but also helps every member of the team understand and appreciate the challenges of their colleagues.

One clinic that takes cross-training seriously is the London Vision Clinic. As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, they do not only train their dedicated phone team to handle incoming calls professionally but also want their clinical staff to treat their incoming calls in precisely the same way. It’s all aimed at ensuring the customer has a consistent, high-quality experience.

Here is what one nurse had to say about her experiences at my recent Increase Telephone Conversion Rates 2-day course:

I found dealing with objections to be the most useful topic. I will most be able to apply the opening context, structuring & taking control of inbound calls. It will be challenging getting used to linear structuring of call… so not to appear to be interrogating to customer.

I was extremely happy with my facilitator, Rod Solar. He was approachable, helpful & constructive.  He helped to push me so that I could overcome points & areas where I struggled but also gave me confidence in doing so.  I was able to gain knowledge & skills from this course that I will use to implement my practice at work.

Nurse, London Vision Clinic