Brisbane Laser Eye Surgeon increases monthly sales by 648%

Just under two years after opening, VSON now dominates the Brisbane laser vision correction market. Read the case study to find out more…


Brisbane Laser Eye Surgeon increases monthly sales by 648%

Just under three years after opening, VSON now dominates the Brisbane laser vision correction market. Read the case study to find out more…

Client snapshot

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Case study: VSON Laser Eye Specialists

VSON is a solo-surgeon, relatively new, independent laser eye surgery clinic founded by Dr Matt Russell in Brisbane, Australia, in September 2019. Brisbane is Australia’s 3rd largest city and has a population of 2.5 million. In 2019, there were 6 established competitors in the market, including 2 national chains and 4 independent clinics.

Client results: Becoming a major player in Brisbane

Before the 2020 Covid-19 global pandemic began, VSON doubled its sales in the 2nd month of its engagement with us. Then, they doubled again in their 3rd month. 8 months later, they again doubled their sales. Compared to 2019, the clinic’s average monthly sales grew by 162.5% year on year (YoY) in 2020. In 2021, they’d grown by 342%. 2022 is even better, and when you compare their first month working with us to their most recently recorded month, VSON has grown by 648%. In absolute numbers, that’s like having 100 patients and then having 648 patients.

Average monthly sales YoY grew by 648%


“We had non-industry people involved in our marketing”

“We had the daunting task of setting up a new refractive practice. So, we went through a process of both investigating advisors and doing this ourselves. We had non-industry people involved in trying to set up a website, our social media marketing and setting up the whole patient journey.”
– Dr Matt Russell, VSON

Matt didn’t feel that his marketing assets represented the calibre of service he wanted to deliver, so he reached out to LiveseySolar to see if we could help.

What we did together

After completing our marketing execution plan, we have initiated:

  • a new website
  • over 100 videos
  • a self-test
  • a pricing guide
  • a Vision Correction guide
  • search engine optimisation
  • paid traffic campaign management
  • social media marketing
  • ongoing strategic marketing consulting
  • influencer marketing
  • internal marketing, including training and collateral
  • Hattie CRM

Before LiveseySolar

I’ve rarely met a surgeon as ambitious and savvy as Matt Russell. They run a quality operation and have a tremendous amount of experience between them. He and his right-hand woman Narelle Murphy are genuine pros and their brand has enormous potential in a crowded market. Matt and Narelle both contribute to our marketing plans, and make them better by executing on their part of the process. I’m looking to a long-term relationship that I’m confident will see massive upsides in the future.”

— Rod Solar, Founder & Fractional CMO, LiveseySolar

From the first meeting with Matt, I was impressed by his dedication to providing an emotionally satisfying experience for his patients. He understood that he could address a lag in the market, by bringing in a world-class level of customer service, quality and attention to detail.  Both Matt and Narelle are fun to work with and consistently bring energy to our weekly meetings where we move their practice forwards together, week by week. 

— Laura Livesey, Founder & CEO, LiveseySolar


“They completely transformed the way we were approaching this.”

“After extensive research we found LiveseySolar – who was absolutely fantastic. They completely transformed the way we were approaching this. We benefited from their seasoned professionalism. They are a very skilled team that has the right industry-specific expertise.”
– Dr Matt Russell, VSON

First, as we do with all of our clients, we conducted a Marketing Execution Plan. A plan like this involves:

  • understanding the features, advantages, motives and benefits of the specific treatments VSON offers
  • designing patient avatars canvases (personas) that we would target, including their before states, after states and demographics
  • analysed the competition to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and advising VSON on competitive pricing
  • crafting a patient avatar journey to define what we’d aim to get avatars to do from the awareness to the referral (promotion) stages
  • identified a list of priority marketing tactics that would help us generate awareness and engagement

Matt wanted to open by September 2019. In August, Matt decided to leave his current ask us to build his website we built VSON’s website based on designs created by branding and website design companies.


“From a dream… to actually having a practice up and running!”

“Well it’s extremely pleasing and we feel quite fortunate and even lucky that we connected with LiveseySolar! And now, we’ve gone from having a dream of having a practice to actually having a practice up and running…”
– Dr Matt Russell, VSON

“With patients making inquiries, looking for procedures, and leaving our practice after having had a very good experience with outcomes and also their interaction with the clinic and our brand. So how does that feel? Well, it’s extremely pleasing and we feel quite fortunate and even lucky that we connected with LiveseySolar. We don’t feel like we’re standing in the dark about the moves we’re making at the moment. We’re making really considered moves. They’re positively impacting how the practice is running and how it’s performing.”

LiveseySolar has acted as VSON’s fractional CMO and digital marketing agency since July 2019. We couldn’t be happier with the relationship, and now we’re marketing Matt Russell’s sister cataract surgery clinic, OKKO.

After LiveseySolar

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Meet our Founders

We’re passionate about helping leaders of high-quality, growth-minded practice owners double their practice revenue

Rod Solar

Founder & Scalable Business Advisor

Rod Solar is a co-founder of LiveseySolar and a Scalable Business Advisor / fCMO for our customers. Rod mentors and coaches CEOs/Founders and their leadership teams to double their sales, triple their profits, and achieve their “ideal exit”.

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LiveseySolar completely transformed the way we were approaching this… We’ve gone from having just the dream of having a practice to having a practice up and running with people making inquiries and booking for procedures… It’s extremely pleasing. We feel lucky we connected with LiveseySolar.

— Dr Matthew Russell, MBChB, FRANZCO, specialist ophthalmic surgeon and founder of VSON and OKKO

Laura Livesey

Founder & CEO

Laura Livesey is the co-founder & CEO of LiveseySolar. She has developed powerful refractive surgery marketing systems that increase patient volumes and profits for doctors, clinics, and hospitals, since 1997.

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Rod and Laura know as much about marketing surgery to patients as I know about performing it. They are an expert in the field of laser eye surgery marketing. They know this industry inside out. I believe that they could help many companies in a variety of areas including marketing materials, sales training and marketing support for doctors.

— Prof. Dan Reinstein, MD MA FRSC DABO, founder of the London Vision Clinic, UK