About Rod Solar

Rod co-founded LiveseySolar and acts as a Fractional CMO for our clients. He’s on a mission to double the size of 150 cataract and refractive surgery practices. He figures the best way to achieve that is by applying proven frameworks to discover & leverage the hidden growth opportunities in the very best practices. Rod is passionate about digital marketing.

Using a Fractional CMO for Your Medical Practice: Why It’s a Game Changer

2023-04-04T08:31:07+01:00Marketing Strategy|

Growing and expanding a medical practice can prove to be a daunting task. With the ascent of digital marketing and social media, it has become increasingly crucial to have a robust online presence to allure fresh patients and foster growth in your practice. However, numerous medical professionals encounter challenges in devising efficacious marketing tactics independently. A fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) may be the breakthrough solution for your practice. This post will share how to make the most of that game-changing relationship.

Overcoming shiny object syndrome

2023-02-03T14:54:56+00:00Marketing Strategy|

Shiny object syndrome (aka endlessly chasing “the new thing”) is one of the biggest challenges practice owners face and quickly leads to distraction, stress, wasted money, and staff overwhelm Use this Growth Triad tool to spend time only on those few great ideas actually worth pursuing.

Creating a lead magnet to get eye surgery leads

2022-11-03T00:32:47+00:00Getting Leads|

As an advertiser for your practice’s services, understand that your advertising aims to generate leads (patients come later) from your traffic. The most effective way to generate leads is to use a lead magnet. This post will cover a lead magnet and the different types of lead magnets. I’ll also share what to think about before you build a lead magnet and the elements of an effective lead magnet.

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