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We help premium healthcare practices of all different sizes, including…

“For me, there wasn’t a choice. It was clearly Liveseysolar.”

A few of our clients reveal why they chose LiveseySolar to grow their practice.

Growing your practice isn’t easy, especially when you’ve got patients to care for and a life to enjoy

Do you know that feeling of stagnation, frustration and tiredness when you work as hard as you do but just don’t see your private practice growing and developing over time? Does marketing your practice seem confusing? Does it rob you of the precious time you could better spend cultivating personal relationships and interests? We appreciate how you feel.

That’s why we created the 5-Step Private Healthcare Marketing System. When you use this proven and reliable system to predictably grow your practice, you’ll never feel that sleep-stealing sense of foreboding again. And even better, you might just get the rest of your life back.

But, it’s not for everyone.

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Grow a practice (and a life!) you can be proud of


Find out how you can get the practice and life you want from a customised practice development programme that addresses your current challenges and aims at achieving your personal and professional goals:

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Is trying to grow your practice distracting you from what matters most? Your current patients, your profession, and the rest of your life?

You’re rising early and working late. You’re spinning plates while serving patients, managing your staff, jumping through regulatory hoops, while staying on top of the latest developments in your field.

It’s a lot – and it’s not what they taught you in medical school, either

Oh, and now you have to do all the marketing too… Now you’ve also got to be an expert in:

  • Marketing strategy.
  • Website design.
  • SEO and search marketing.
  • Paid traffic marketing.
  • Content marketing.
  • E-mail marketing.
  • Event marketing.
  • Video marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Telephone answering.
  • Elective surgery counselling.
  • Patient education.
  • Customer service.
  • Referral systems…

Sound familiar?

It’s all so much. And it’s changing all the time. What works? What doesn’t? Where do you even start? How can you work in your practice while working on developing your practice at the same time?

And, just when are you supposed to get some time to relax and enjoy the rest of your life? Does your family still remember what you look like? Do you miss spending time with your friends? Do you wish for that day when you can reap the rewards from all that hard graft and pursue your passions and do all the things in your life you most want to do?

How to grow a successful private practice even if you’re not an expert marketer

You need a specialist elective surgery marketing agency that focuses on growing your practice so that you can focus on your patients, your career and the rest of your life. You don’t just need someone you can trust to tell you how to do it. No, you’re too busy to do it all – you also need an expert to do it for you.

You might have tried the alternatives. But the reason you’re here – right now – reading this page is that you know you need expert and industry-specific marketers that you can trust for what might be your most important financial investment. You don’t have time to explain how what you do works for the umpteenth time. You’ve got enough on your hands explaining this stuff to patients let alone trying to explain it the people who are supposed to be helping you explain it to patients.

We got our start in private ophthalmology marketing in 2002 working to generate leads for a laser eye surgery clinic in Canada. From that first project, we saw first hand the life-changing transformations elective surgeons bestow upon their patients.

It made us wonder…

Wouldn’t it be great if we could transform our client’s practices as much as they transform their patient’s lives?

We want to help you build the practice and the life you’re looking for

For this reason, we chose to specialise in helping laser eye surgeons and cataract surgeons grow their practices, so they could offer more surgery to more people, whether they knew anything about marketing or not.

Since then, we’ve further adapted and applied our advice to general ophthalmology marketing to help sub-specialist ophthalmic surgeons, including glaucoma, oculoplastics, retina, AMD, and dry eye surgeons.

We now offer all medical and dental practitioners the benefits of our advice and service, usually serving providers of dermatology, dental, plastic/cosmetic surgery and aesthetic services.

Where can you get relief?

We work from London, UK and employ a distributed team in Europe and America. However, we can train and run marketing campaigns whether you are in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Find us here.

Successful surgeons and medical device manufacturers in Europe, America and the Middle East know us well. Like them, you too can own a thriving business.

Imagine getting more leads, converting more calls, closing more appointments, setting, increasing and defending fair prices, and turning more patients into referrers. It’s all within your reach. It’s time to join the dozens of your peers that took the right actions at the right time and now enjoy the fruit of both professional and business success.

We’ve gotten stunning results for world-class healthcare organisations such as ZEISS, Spire Healthcare, Nuffield Health, London Vision Clinic, Centre for Sight, Optegra, Moorfields Private, Straumann, and the UK National Health Service (NHS). Learn more about us here.

It’s time to take the first step to get the practice and life you want

Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can benefit from over 20 years of experience marketing elective surgery?

In that time, we’ve executed over 500 healthcare digital marketing and internal marketing projects. And yes, your peers are signing up all the time. Don’t wait until one of them grows their practice in your niche and at your expense. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help you grow your practice.

Over the past 20 years, we developed 5-Step Private Healthcare Marketing System that can provide you with a predictable, reliable, and evidence-based framework to grow a private practice that doesn’t need you to build it solely. And, when you finally realise that you don’t need to spend all of your “free” time building your practice, you’ll find that you can finally focus on what matters most – your life!

Take a few minutes, click the link and find out more – you’ll be glad you did.

Grow a practice (and a life!) you can be proud of


Find out how you can get the practice and life you want from a customised practice development programme that addresses your current challenges and aims at achieving your personal and professional goals:

Start here

Who else took the first step and grew their business with our help?

LiveseySolar’s help has been invaluable to our Laser Clinic. They have been there to support us in every way and yet have taught us something beyond price; independence.
Dianna Simms, The Angel Laser Clinic
My patient’s husband said to me “Who taught you to sell?” I think I looked a bit guilty because he quickly followed up with “It’s not a criticism! You gained our confidence, showed that you were listening, you appeared to be frank and closed really nicely.”
James Ball, FRCS (Ed), FRCOphth, Optegra
Liveseysolar Practice Builders helped me out with my website and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to listen. They did a great job and the nice thing is… they think like surgeons: structured, practical and results-oriented.
Hugo Van Cleynenbreugel, Leading Eye Surgery
Ms Livesey and Mr Solar have to be two of the best marketing practitioners I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
Hugo Sutton, IRIS Ophthalmology
Rod and Laura know as much about marketing surgery to patients as I know about performing it. They are an expert in the field of laser eye surgery marketing. They know this industry inside out. I believe that they could help many companies in a variety of areas including marketing materials, sales training and marketing support for doctors.
Prof. Dan Reinstein, MD MA FRSC DABO, London Vision Clinic
LiveseySolar is the ‘maestro’ of selling surgery to patients.
David Allamby,FRCS (Ed), FRCOphth, Focus Laser Vision Clinics
I would recommend LiveseySolar to anyone trying to develop a private medical practice – and I have done. Their help has been invaluable in developing our service – everything from naming and branding the clinic, writing the copy for the website and brochures, creating a marketing strategy, putting structures in place to begin our internal marketing and helping to generate word of mouth referrals.
James Ball, FRCS (Ed), FRCOphth, Custom Vision Clinics and St. James’s Laser Vision
I value the expertise that comes from LiveseySolar specialising in a specific market. I always felt their advice was good and grounded in reality. They provide good value for money compared with other consultancies I have worked with. I never felt they were feeding me marketing bull***t but that they were giving me straight advice, from a hard-headed business perspective.
Alan Walker, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
I would recommend anyone in a customer-oriented business to speak to Rod and Laura. They are so approachable; nothing is too much trouble and they are very professional in every way. They are always flexible, know how to market our company and have innovative ideas.
Laura Weber, Docklands Chiropractic Clinic
Detailed, laser focused, and committed to the project and the organisation.
Libby Brown, BC Cancer Agency
The work that LiveseySolar have carried out for us has not only met our expectations but has also far exceeded them. It felt that LiveseySolar completely understood our objectives for the site; meaning that I was never worried about having to “manage the process” and was free to devote most of my attention to other pressing areas of the business.
Richard Reid, Pinnacle Therapy
Livesey Solar have gone above and beyond what I expected and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. Friendly, personal and professional and leaders in the field of medical practice marketing. Thank you Rod and Laura and the rest of the Livesey Solar team.
Jaheed Khan, Jaheed Khan

At last, the quickest and easiest way to grow your practice without getting muddled in the day-to-day detail of practice development

Discover what surgeons, practice administrators and private practice marketers around the world do to predictably and consistently grow their practices

Healthcare Marketing
Phone Training
Consultation Training
Pricing strategy
Customer Service

Like these world-class examples, you too can get the practice and life you want

  • Extreme Makeover UK’s laser eye surgeon (Dan Reinstein -London Vision Clinic)
  • LivingTV 10 Years Younger’s laser eye clinic (Dan Reinstein -London Vision Clinic)
  • LivingTV 10 Years Younger’s cosmetic dentist (Uchenna Okoye – London Smiling)
  • SKY One’s Psychotherapist for Extreme Phobias, Extreme Cures (Richard Reid – Pinnacle Therapy)
  • Two of the UK’s largest private hospital groups (Spire Healthcare and Nuffield Health)
  • The UK’s largest chain of laser eye clinics (Optimax / Ultralase)
  • Germany’s largest chain of laser eye clinics (EuroEyes)
  • Denmark’s largest private eye hospital (Ojenhospitalet Danmark)
  • Estonia’s busiest refractive surgeon clinic (KSA Vision Clinic)
  • The UK’s Number One Rhinoplasty Surgeon (Julian Rowe-Jones – The Nose Clinic)
  • One of the UK’s Fastest Growing Companies (Optegra Eye Health Care)
  • Two private medical ventures spun-off NHS Trusts (Leeds NHS and Sheffield NHS)
  • The world’s most respected eye hospital (Moorfields)
  • One of the world’s oldest existing optics manufacturers (Zeiss)
  • The world’s largest conference for Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS)

Answered: Your most burning questions about practice development and growing your practice

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