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We’ve spent nearly two decades figuring out what works best so that you don’t have to. Over the years, we’ve streamlined our service offerings to match what most helps our client’s aims to grow their private healthcare businesses. They are:

“They’re experts in their field and they really understand the market, and they’re progressive.”

Watch Robert Morris, Medical Director of Optegra Eye Hospitals, on why he chose LiveseySolar for Private Healthcare Marketing.


Simply put, this is one of the very best marketing investments you make in your private healthcare business. We film you answering patients’ most frequently asked questions, transcribe video, SEO the content, and deliver the video and transcripts on your website and in social media on an optimised schedule. All you have to do, is watch your traffic grow. Learn more about video production and video blogging (vlogging) here.

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We’ll save you time and money by doing it right the first time. We design good looking and high functioning websites that stand apart from your competitors, compete effectively on search engines and clearly communicate why your market should call you. Your website is the hub of your internet marketing machine, let us build a site that you can not only be proud of but helps to drive more calls to your clinic so your private healthcare business can grow. Learn more about our website design services specifically for private healthcare businesses here.

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There are so many agencies offering search engine optimisation and search engine marketing, but very few that know your business nearly as well as you do. Search is a verbal business, a practice that relies on words, semantics, and a clear understanding of your customer’s language. Why waste time explaining your products and services to those who dabble in private healthcare. Instead, we’ll help save you time and get better results from your search marketing efforts. Learn more about our search engine optimisation here and search engine marketing services here.

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We’re not talking about SPAM. We’re talking about nurturing your leads by offering information products on your website, then sending them opt-in targeted e-mail that helps them learn more about what you offer, at a pace that suits them. Keep in touch with your leads and patients with e-mails sent on optimised schedules. No need to manually send e-mail blasts, we take care of it all: subscriptions, timing, copywriting, email design. All you have to do is sit back, and listen to the phones ring. Learn more about e-mail marketing now.

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“Their reputation for providing medical marketing based on what they’ve done for various other organisations, is very well known. So they were clearly the choice for us.”

Watch Paul Rosen, Ophthalmic Surgeon at Grange Eye Consultants, on why he chose LiveseySolar for Private Healthcare Marketing.


Sure, it’s all the rage right now, but social media will suck your time and might expose you to more than you bargained for if you don’t do it right. Let us manage your social media campaigns so you can rest easy knowing that private healthcare marketing specialists are at the helm. We’ll optimise your social media properties so they represent you to the markets on social media networks. And, we’ll help you build a community of patients that help spread the word across their networks about how great you are. Most importantly, we’ll tell you when it’s time to stop, and direct your efforts towards areas that will bear more fruit than social media, at least for now.

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