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You want to start or relaunch a private healthcare business but you’d like to have some expert assurance that your idea is viable. You don’t just need to know your idea has legs; you also need a plan to monetise that opportunity.


Before making what might be a costly investment, we caution you to enter the market with your eyes wide open. LiveseySolar will help you assess the viability of your plan in light of hard facts.


We’ve had our finger on the pulse of the UK laser eye surgery market since 2002. Today, we have over a decade of experience in helping private healthcare operators succeed. We’ve watched millions of web visitors interact with private healthcare websites. We’ve listened to thousands of calls. We’ve sat in to observe countless patient consultations. We’ve reviewed thousands of patient feedback reports. We understand these customers and know just how to appeal to them.

We can combine all of these essentials of healthcare marketing into a Market Opportunity Analysis and Marketing Plan.

Watch this video about Market Opportunity Analysis and Marketing Plans

Laura Livesey, Managing Director and Rod Solar, Client Services Director of LiveseySolar discuss how having a sound market opportunity analysis and marketing plan are the first essentials of healthcare marketing.

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The key benefits of the Market Opportunity Analysis and Marketing Plan

These first essentials of healthcare marketing offers four important benefits:

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Healthcare marketing essentials options

We have two solutions for healthcare market research and strategy and a combined solution for those who want everything:

Market Opportunity Analysis

  • Document
  • Presentation

Marketing Plan

  • Document
  • Presentation

Research & Strategy

  • Both documents
  • Both presentations

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Healthcare research and strategy plan features

These healthcare marketing essentials include:

Market opportunity analysis

  • Executive summary

  • Key market drivers

  • Market trends

  • Economic trends

  • Market robustness

  • Forecasts

  • Technology analysis

Market opportunity analysis

  • Future economic trends

  • Competitor analysis

  • Marketing activity in the sector

  • Buying behaviour

  • Consumer research

  • Opportunities and threats

Marketing plan

  • Executive Summary

  • Target customers

  • Unique selling propositions

  • Pricing & positioning strategy

  • Distribution plan

  • Your offers

  • Marketing materials

  • Marketing tactics

Marketing plan

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Conversion strategy

  • Joint ventures & partnerships

  • Referral strategy

  • Strategy for increasing transaction prices

  • Retention strategy

  • Financial projections

“For me, there wasn’t a choice. It was clearly Liveseysolar.”

Watch Robert Morris, Medical Director of Optegra Eye Hospitals, on why he chose LiveseySolar for Healthcare Marketing.

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