“I’ve been a doctor a long time, and there were things I learned about how to interact with patients from Rod Solar, who’s not a doctor.”

Watch Robert Morris, Medical Director of Optegra Eye Hospitals, share his recommendation to anyone seeking healthcare sales and customer service training.

Star Call

Increase your telephone conversion rates and watch your sales and profits grow. Designed specifically for non-salespeople in refractive surgery environments, these engaging telephone customer service skills courses will enable your staff to confidently greet, open and close phone enquiries into more appointments. This healthcare-specific workshop is ideal for call centre staff, patient advisers, medical secretaries, and practice managers who need to persuade prospective private patients to visit for an appointment. Armed with new knowledge, skills and confidence, your staff will be ready to convert more telephone enquiries into consultations. Clinics taking this training have dramatically increased their conversion rates, sales, and profits, without spending more money on marketing.

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Star Meet


The patient education courses we offer are the only private patient-oriented appointment communication skills and clinic teamwork training courses designed specifically for private health clinic staff. These popular training workshops focus on the key components of a successful consultation for today’s sophisticated buyer. Participants learn how to greet and warm-up patients, communicate their intentions for the consultation, and perform an in-depth discovery, enabling them to uncover the true emotional reasons why their client would want to buy their product. We discuss the psychology of the presentation and introduce concepts such as “Dominant Buying Motive”, “Past Motivating Incidents and Future Motivating Events”, “Information Confirmation”, and more. Throughout this fast-paced, interactive and entertaining workshop we provide attendees with a series of clear distinctions so they can systematise each step of the sale. This systematic approach gives “non-salespeople” the ability to continually improve their performance.

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“LiveseySolar provides the best services for sales training that I have seen in 25 years in the industry.”

Watch Jeremy Thorpe, Country Manager of UK Tillots Pharma Ltd., share his experience with LiveseySolar sales training.

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