After arriving on this page, you called the number above right? Ok, close the page.

If you didn’t though…take a seat, we need to talk about something important

You arrived here because you heard of us somewhere. Perhaps you saw one of us speaking at a conference, read one of our articles, or maybe a colleague told you about us. You thought you’d pay us a visit and thought, “Hmm, LiveseySolar sounds like they could really help me…” 

Well, thanks for thinking that. We agree. We could really help you. A lot.

So, you found your way to this page to find out more…

But you’re not going to do anything, are you?

You’re going to read this. You’re going to check out all the fantastic practice transformations our clients have made, and you’re going to imagine yourself achieving your goal. But then, instead of taking action, you’ll just close this window and spend days arguing with yourself on why this is or isn’t a good choice.

And before you know it, another year’s gone by, then two years, then five… then you’re decades further into your practice and still haven’t made a change. And, who knows? Maybe one day your practice really struggles and your accountant tells you that you’d better sort it out or else you’re going to go bust… then, finally, you’re going to decide it’s time.

Or maybe, you’ll end up busier than you ever imagined. Perhaps you’ll have so many patients that you can’t even take a day off. And as your kids grow up without you and your spouse moves on with their life, you’ll wonder about what could have been if you could only achieve the life-work balance you know deep inside your heart was within your grasp… then, finally, you’re going to decide it’s time.

The reality is; it’s not entirely your fault. There’s a nefarious force at work. And this force is what stops us all from doing the things we need to do even when we know deep in our guts that it’s the right thing.

Because, procrastination

You have a thousand and one questions and it’s all so overwhelming that you just end up not doing anything. In fact, when you think about marketing or developing your practice, it all looks a bit like this:

So, let’s do this. We’ll outline everything we’ll do to get things started and how the new client onboarding process works below. And then, you can make a decision if you feel it’s right for you.

Sound good? Great. Let’s get started.

How it works

Don’t worry. First, we’ll just have a chat (this part is free and immensely valuable)

Before we pitch a thing, we’ll ask you questions about you and your practice. We call this our Discovery Call.

We’ll find out what’s happening now and what you want to happen in the future.

We’ll learn all about how you get your patients now so that we can spot the pitfalls that prevent more of them from having treatment with you.

We’ll take you through our 5-Step process to reveal what might be holding you back so that we can get laser-focused on the problem that needs fixing.

Then, we’ll take the time to understand what you’ve tried before. What worked? What didn’t? What do you value in a business partnership and why?

Most importantly, we’ll try to discover why you want what you want so that we can come as close as we can to getting it for you.

Throughout the call, we’ll be listening. If we find we can’t solve the problem you’re trying to fix, we’ll tell you. If we see that you need to do other things before we can help you, we’ll let you know. If we find that we’re not going to gel, we’ll tell you.

Did we mention we won’t be selling you anything during this call? That’s right; we still won’t. Not even at the end. No, you’ll only need to think about choosing what we offer in the next call.

Then, we’ll propose a solution (here’s where you decide if we can help you)

At this point, we’ll know a fair bit more about you and your practice and the kind of practice and life you want to have.

With this insight, we’ll go away and devise a cunning plan. Then we’ll share this cunning plan with you on our next call, which we call our Proposal Call.

On this call, we’ll give you a preliminary growth plan, which will include:

  • how we see the problem that’s holding you back from the practice and life you want
  • what we recommend to solve the problems
  • how long it will take
  • how much you’ll need to invest

And then, we’ll send you a copy of what we’ve presented so that you can take some time to mull it over. After that, you’re welcome to ask us as many questions as you like so that you can be as sure as you can be that we can help you get closer to your destination – the practice and life you most want.


Please. If you’re not really serious about transforming your practice – don’t apply. We’re here to be your mentor, guide, teacher, coach, and sherpa. We are not, however, miracle workers. If you’re not willing to change fundamental aspects of how you acquire or educate new patients, no amount of consulting is going to help you.

If you think this is one of those cheap magic bullets, don’t apply.

If you have unrealistic expectations, don’t apply.

If you want something for nothing, don’t apply.

If you’re aren’t willing to do a little bit (i.e. one to two hours a week) of extra work now for long-term exponential gain, don’t apply.

There are certain types of people we love to work with

Are you working for someone else and do you want to get into private practice?

That’s great. It’s never too early to start building your profile and brand. We can help you begin to make a name for yourself online so that if you’re ever ready to dip your toe into the private practice pool, you’ll be prepared to begin marketing online. Not to worry, what’s shared between us stays between us.

Do you operate a private practice out of someone else’s facilities?

That is not a problem. If you’re meeting and assessing patients before you take them elsewhere for treatment, we can help you get the leads you need so you can spend your time providing exceptional patient service so you can convert more patients.

Do you have a treatment facility?

Congratulations on getting this far! Operating a private treatment facility is a significant investment, and you’ll want to be sure you can recoup it. It’s also probably the most significant investment of time you can make. That makes it even more critical to systemise your marketing and patient education so that you can focus more of your time and energy on making your clinic the best it can be.

Do you manage a clinic, hospital or chain and want to grow it?

We mainly aim our private practice development services at independent doctors and surgeons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use our help to reach your marketing and sales objectives. If you’re a marketing director or sales director who wants to smash your goals and transform your team’s ability to attract and convert more patients, then we should talk!

So, if you’re reading this thinking that this is exactly what you need

Then call us and book an appointment or book one online right now.

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