To people who want to write a book but can’t get started

In this post, we share our top "lessons learned" after writing our first book - How to Grow Your Practice with Presbyopic Patients. If you've ever contemplated writing a book of your own, read our tips to help you get started, and most importantly, finish that book inside of you. In 2017, ZEISS commissioned us to write a book aimed at summarising everything we know about what we do best - growing medical businesses - and apply it to their most recent innovation - PRESBYOND Blended Laser Vision - or LASIK for people who wear reading glasses. We've wanted to write a book for a long time. We even had about 70,000 words written as a draft that we'd been slowly working on for years. However, it took a customer (ZEISS) to prompt us to finish it, and for that, we're genuinely grateful. If you want a copy of our book, you can get it in this post but first, let's get started by answering the question - why should you write a book at all?

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When is the best time for non-salespeople to learn sales skills?

Because selling is so universally misunderstood and feared, it's often left to the last minute to figure out how best to get a messages across. Many people don't realise the breadth of applicability that learning sales distinctions can bring not only to your business, but to your personal and even romantic life!