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Project Description

Clinica London, a Harley Street private skin and eye clinic sees leads from SEO increase 50% in one year

Clinica London is a clean, calm, professional and quality clinic, offering expertise for most of the sub-specialities of ophthalmology, aesthetic and medical dermatology. Miss Jane Olver, who founded the clinic in 2008, wanted Clinica London to be the best private eye clinic in London, though not necessarily the biggest.

Clinica London is now six consultants including five ophthalmologists and one consultant dermatologist:

LiveseySolar first worked with Jane Olver at Cadogan Clinic, before she started Clinica London in 2010. In 2015, Ms Olver asked LiveseySolar to take over her new website design, video blogging and her internet marketing, namely, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing (paid search). We also do e-mail marketing and event marketing for the Clinic.

The challenge

Clinica London offers an extensive list of treatments for an even wider list of eye and skin conditions. The main challenge was to ascertain the Clinic’s primary sales drivers and translate them into an effective website design.

The new site launched in October 2015. Our primary goal was to drive traffic to the site by transitioning from what was a static site with a lot of old content to a new and dynamic site with freshly published content at least twice a week.

We began video blogging in October 2015. You can visit the Clinic’s very popular YouTube channel to see the wide variety of topics covered for patient education. Here’s a sample of one of of Clinica London’s introductory videos, presented by the founder and medical director, Jane Olver.

The solution

We produced six months of video content to share on the website with a sharing schedule of two times every week. After the videos were all published, we knew that it was important to keep producing more fresh content.

So, we worked with Ms Olver to identify the most important topics to write about, produced the content together and then we optimised the blog posts for search engines. She wrote the raw content for blog posts that appeared twice a week. Then, we performed search engine optimisation of the content to maximise its impressions on search engines for relevant keyword phrases.

In November 2016, after seeing good results from the regular blog posting, we decided to speed up the blog posting schedule to five times per week, which we continue today.

The results

Clinica London SEO results

So, what happened? What was the benefit of all of this blog posting activity?

This February (2017) we measured one year’s worth of search engine optimisation data to compare year over year key performance indicators and the results were excellent.

Google’s number of pages indexed grew by 101.65%

There is plenty of evidence that suggests that traffic increases according to the number of pages that Google indexes. At this point, it’s important to note that when you search for a key phrase on Google, Google returns not the results of the whole internet, but rather only the pages that Google stores in its index of pages. Therefore, it’s imperative that Google indexes as many pages on your site as possible, so long as they’re relevant to what you offer.

Links to the site increased by 12.91%

Most SEO’s agree that one of the most important factors that result in more traffic is the number of inbound links coming into your website. They have to be good quality links, though, and it’s important to note that these links were not purchased, but earned by having good quality content on the site that other people chose to link.

Form submissions from SEO visits went up by 31.25%

We build a “call us back” form on nearly every site we produce. And, we track the number of form submissions we get through Google Analytics. We consider form submissions ‘leads’ because we collect a minimum data set from the enquiry that enables the Clinic to contact them.

Calls from SEO visits went up by 50.82%

One of the key things we do for clients is to have them start tracking the phone calls that originate from their websites. We track the phone calls for Clinica London with call tracking software. Call tracking reports can show what channel calls arise from (whether it’s SEO, or paid search, or social media, for example) and provide call data so that we understand how effective the marketing programme is for each client.

Impressions on Google Search went up by 72.4%

Using Google Search Console, we keep track of the number of times the Clinic’s search listings (unpaid) appeared on Google. Theoretically, the more impressions you get, the more clicks to your site you should receive.

Clicks went up by 50.64%

Google Search Console also shows us how many clicks arose from impressions by each query, which enables us to refine our topic lists and search engine optimisation efforts further.

Organic KPIs on the website all increased, too

Every month we review Google Analytics, which tells us how the site is performing. “Organic” is the term Google Analytics uses to denote visits arising from unpaid search engine queries. According to our comparison:

  • Organic Sessions up 48.82%
  • Organic Traffic up 50.47%
  • Organic Page views up by 59.93%
  • Organic Pages/session up by 7.47%

What were the sales impacts?

Out of respect for confidentiality, we’re not able to divulge specific sales results as a result of our SEO efforts. However, we are aware that the Clinic is growing, and that Ms Olver is keen to continue our search engine optimisation progress through 2017.