SEO Case Study: Clinica London increases leads by over 50% in one year

We’ve just tallied up month-over-month figures for Clinica London’s website search engine optimisation program and can report the clinic has enjoyed great online marketing success between February 2016 through February 2017.

Through a well-planned process of topic selection and blog writing that is now at a frequency of five posts per week, we were able to significantly increase

  • The number of indexed pages on Google by 101.65%
  • Inbound links to the site by 12.91%
  • Form submissions from SEO visits by 31.25%
  • Calls from SEO by 50.64%
  • Impressions on Google by 72.4%
  • Clicks from Google SERPs by 50.64%
  • Organic sessions by 48.82%
  • Organic traffic by 50.47%
  • Organic Page views up by 59.93%
  • Organic Pages/session up by 7.47%

The clinic now enjoys over 500 keyword phrases that show on the first page of Google for related searches, and 25 keyword phrases placing number one on the first page of Google. To read more about how we did it, see the full healthcare SEO case study