In 2015 let’s use our phones for… talking

We can text, email, Tweet, and Facebook. We can GChat or Skype, and "say congrats" to our network on LinkedIn. And we can do it all conveniently through our handheld mobile devices. As we welcome the new year into our lives, it's hard not to notice that we live in a hyperconnected world where communication can be constant, yet many of us are more isolated and anonymous than ever.

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When is the best time for non-salespeople to learn sales skills?

Because selling is so universally misunderstood and feared, it's often left to the last minute to figure out how best to get a messages across. Many people don't realise the breadth of applicability that learning sales distinctions can bring not only to your business, but to your personal and even romantic life!

How do gender communication differences impact sales?

How do gender communication differences impact sales? Men and women, whether they are salespeople or non-salespeople, tend to communicate using different styles and strengths. They will also usually generate sales results in very different ways. We’re continuing our new series of Questions and Answers recorded during the recent [...]

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