Getting Online Patient Reviews: David Evans Interview

If you’re noticing stars next to Google Search and Place results and would like to get in on that action, you’ll need to get your patients to submit online reviews. Some companies report 20-30% increases in click-through-rates after implementing star ratings in their search results.

Think of online patient reviews like public referrals. It’s like a bunch of happy customers standing at your shop front telling anyone who passes your clinic who good you are. Who wouldn’t want that?

Do you have an online patient review strategy for your healthcare clinic or hospital? Do you think patient reviews are important for your business? Do they impact sales? How hard is it to get patients to submit online reviews?

Rod Solar sat down with Dr David Evans, CEO of Ceatus Media Group to discuss getting online patient reviews. In this interview, Dr Evans reveals the research and case studies that suggest online patient reviews increase sales. He discusses the difference between a testimonial and a third-party online review. He shares advice on how to best get patient reviews and how to avoid getting negative reviews. Lastly, he explains why the time is right for UK and European clinics to start getting online patient reviews.

About Ceatus Media Group

At Ceatus, our experienced team of 45+ professionals have one purpose: to take care of our clients. From our offices in sunny San Diego, we deliver the highest quality digital marketing strategies and best customer service in the industry.

Our in-house SEO, Writing, Web Development, Client Services, Sales, Software Development, Operations and Marketing teams work synergistically to ensure all aspects of your Digital Marketing Strategy work together for your success. We continuously monitor the ever-changing Internet landscape and keep up with the latest developments by regularly attending local and national SEO, social media and other digital marketing conferences.

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About the Author:

Rod Solar is the Director of Practice Development Consulting of LiveseySolar, a healthcare marketing and sales training company. Rod has created successful and engaging training systems for over 25 years. His advice routinely generates 6-figure incremental increases in income for his clients by teaching them how to systematically improve customer service while increasing sales at the same time. His training offers an elegant (and fun) step-by-step conversational approach which benefits surgeons, practice managers, hospital staff, and non-medical staff working in private healthcare settings. Rod wrote and delivered the Business Development, Clinical Governance and Medicolegal Issues module for the University of Ulster’s Postgraduate Diploma in Cataract and Refractive Surgery (Theory) - PgDip. He is a regular presenter at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeon’s Congress Practice Development Programme and has regularly published articles about healthcare marketing in The Ophthalmologist, Optician, European Ophthalmology News, Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today, Eurotimes and Independent Practitioner Today. Rod has been a professional salesperson (B2B and B2C), management consultant, college lecturer, an industry leader, and executive coach. His clients include Optegra, EuroEyes, ZEISS, Moorfields Private, London Vision Clinic, Thiele, and many other high-quality, private Ophthalmology clinics from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, and the Middle East. Rod has a degree in Psychology and Human Performance from UBC. He lives in London, UK and you can follow him on Twitter: @rodsolar.