Collecting healthcare testimonials and patient reviews – without the hassle

I was speaking with a healthcare business owner the other day who told me that he didn’t bother collecting patient reviews from his patients because it’s too time consuming.

My experience over the past decade of working in healthcare marketing has demonstrated that 57% of patients  select one health practitioner over another because of a personal recommendations from a friend or family member. And, a major healthcare marketing hurdle to business growth is not getting enough patient referrals. So, collecting patient reviews are certainly worth the effort.

Collecting and sharing testimonials and customer reviews doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth

Getting patient reviews can be easy, but you may not like what you hear. If your customer service could be better, we can help you before you open Pandora’s Box. If, on the other hand, you feel you’re doing well, read on…

Many healthcare marketers don’t collect patient reviews because it’s time consuming and effort intensive. Paper surveys, unfortunately, take time to hand out, time to get back, and time to transcribe. Sometimes, as the completed surveys trickle in, you’ll notice that they begin to pile up. Unfortunately, these hidden gems are neither informing you or prospective customers about how much you may need to improve or how wonderful you are.

Today, you can send a short, personalised email to every one of your customers – in an instant. In the email you can include a link to an online survey. In the survey you can include a few multiple-choice questions and one question that asks for a few objective comments about your services, and their permission to share them.

In a few days, you’ll have loads of testimonials and reviews to add to your website, brochure and other marketing materials. This is one of the reasons it’s important to have a website that you can add content to as often as you like. Best of all, because everything is done digitally, it’s as easy as “copy and paste”.

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