Rhinoplasty Clinic in Guildford increase appointment conversions by 73.3%

We have just concluded our 2nd training cycle with a Guildford plastic surgery clinic specialising in rhinoplasty. The focus of this training was on personal sales  (consultation sales training).



Prior to the training the team were converting 45% of their appointments (without deposits). This number isn’t bad, but the leaders of the clinic felt that their offering was unique and compelling enough, that they could do better than converting one of every two appointments. Further, the team was only scheduling dates, not collecting deposits on treatments. We all felt that collecting deposits would help make sure there is more follow-through, fewer cancellations and greater overall conversion rates.


We spent two days with the clinic’s staff to instruct and role-play successful consultation scenarios. This led to a significant amount of re-learning of how to conduct consultations, including the steps involved, the people participating, the questions being asked, and the expectations being made. We also spent a considerable amount of time practicing handling objections.


12 weeks after training, the team is  converting 78% of their appointments (without deposits) which represents a 73.3% percent increase. Additionally, they are converting 64% of their appointments with deposits on a £7000 procedure. Previous to the train