How does healthcare video marketing work?

What is healthcare video marketing, and how can you use it in your practice?

Healthcare video marketing is a powerful tactic. However, using video alone is useless, just like any marketing tactic. And the reason I say that is because all marketing tactics need to be considered within the wider strategy to achieve the goal.

Whenever you look at any tactic, you have to say, how will I use it? So I’m going to give you a few simple ways to use video and tell you a little bit about how a client has been using video to really good effect.

How can eye surgeons use video effectively?

There are a few different, key ways to use video right now in your practice to relate emotionally with patients. That’s the number one thing you should be doing in your content marketing so that you can bring more of your words to life.

  1. You need to shoot a video and add it to your web pages to put some life into those pages.
  2. At the end of all of those videos, you need to have a short clip of yourself very naturally, inviting somebody to take the next step on their journey. For example, you could say: “If you have more questions, take the next step and take our self-test online or get a free consultation.”

How can you use video in your practice to get results?

One of the things that I have found is that the most compelling pieces of content are accompanied by a video. Video has a way of really engaging an audience in a way that can create a more emotional connection that goes beyond what simple words can do.

I would recommend to anybody working within the medical practice – a surgeon or a doctor – to become comfortable with getting in front of a video camera and doing relatively simple video work. This involves familiarising yourself with the questions that people want answers to, rehearsing those answers and then capturing the answers on video.

It’s worth noting that people don’t always want to know the more advanced or technical answers. They want to know the basic things, questions like, “what is LASIK?”, “what is laser eye surgery?”, “how much does laser eye surgery cost?” and “what happens after laser eye surgery?” These are the basic questions on people’s minds, especially early in the funnel, when they’re first landing on your website.

You can record these answers on a smartphone camera. But, again, it doesn’t have to be movie quality. Just some good lighting and some good sound. As long as it enables you to pass on your message with some confidence and some professionalism, this will help you build a more genuine relationship with your visitor.

At the same time, video helps you introduce your personality. It invites the audience to get to know you a little bit better so they can feel comfortable with the idea that you might be the person they trust with their treatment.

The written word can only do so much. Video is much more powerful.

We’ve got a lot of resources on our site to help you with this. We can help you set up a straightforward video shoot and help you answer 50 questions on camera. We can then transcribe those videos into blog posts, place them on your website and share them on social media. This will help get you an online presence so you can start connecting with your audience.

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How to get your patients to give you video testimonials

Another way that you can use video is to get your patients involved with patient testimonials.

We have a DIY kit that we put together for clients to help them do this.

We can help you set up a little area or room if you have the space where you can be ready at any moment to grab patients and capture those first-day post-op reactions on camera while they’re excited. This helps you collate a broad portfolio of patient testimonials that you can then pop all over your website to demonstrate the patient journey. This will really add value to your website.

How a patient video testimonial over Zoom generated hundreds of new patients on Facebook

Let me tell you a little story of one surgeon we work with who had a patient who filmed one of the best patient videos that I’ve ever seen for their website and social media.

The patient’s name is Jordan. She’s a celebrity in Brisbane, Austarlia, and she had laser eye surgery.

Shortly after her procedure, I got in touch with her. We got on a Zoom call, and we filmed the whole thing over Zoom.

I asked her to get on her phone on Zoom in portrait mode. As she held her phone, I’m on the other side of the Zoom call, asking her several questions. I’ll share these questions with you now so you can use them. You can then post these videos on social media and watch the inquiries roll in because I’m telling you this thing works.

The questions we asked her

Question 1: What are the main problems that you were experiencing before you had eye surgery?

Here, I wanted her to tell me her before state. I wanted her to tell me all about the pain and discomfort she was experiencing with contact lenses and glasses.

Question 2: After laser eye surgery, when did you notice that it had worked? What did that feel like?

Question 3: Now let’s reflect on your journey. What would you tell other people about laser eye surgery? Should they be scared? And what would you advise?

We then took this video and cut it up into the very best bits. From these bits, we produced a one-minute video. We added subtitles and posted it on social media.

It went like gangbusters and it’s got over 34,000 views on Youtube as a write this.

I’m telling you, the reason it works is that it’s native. And what I mean by that is it’s just filmed in portrait mode on an iPhone. So it looks like a real person just took to social media and said something amazing about your service.

That is the stuff that is most believable on social media. So try that. And if you need some help, give us a ring.

How to use video with paid traffic campaigns?

Finally, there’s a lot that you can do to augment your paid traffic. We’re seeing really interesting things happening with patient testimonials and also influencers. They don’t even need to be massive influencers. Just asking them to document their journey in stages can be really powerful if they have a following on social media. You can then use that video on Instagram or youtube and start driving traffic to your website.

It’s so simple but will have an incredible effect on your funnel.

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