LiveseySolar Testimonial | Leonard Teye-Botchway | Bermuda International Eye Institute

I’ve been in Bermuda for about 20 years and my practice has grown quite a bit, but I reached a stage where I realised I needed a little more professional help. We’d sort of plateaued, so I needed a little more real professional marketing business help to, you know, make us more visible and just more productive and efficient.

I met my very good friend and mentor, Andy Morrell, who mentioned Rod and Laura. He said they’re worth just talking to. I sent Laura an email. She responded readily. That alone gave me a lot of confidence. It just made me realise that, you know, they could be serious. So that was the first contact I had with LiveseySolar. Quick response by email and Laura suggested we could perhaps talk if I was… because I was here in London, in the UK. And I said, oh, I can come, I can find the time and come and see you next week, and she readily agreed.

So, those were very good pointers to me. You know, I was… It was unplanned, they fitted me in their schedule. I felt like we were already a team the first time we met, you know, with their intent and their dedication and what… We spent several hours. I thought it was going to be a couple of hours, but it… and they had the time, you know, to wait for me. I didn’t feel rushed at all. We left about six p.m. I was… It was a very… very satisfying first visit to me, which, you know, given the prior recommendations, it really made me feel that I could… you know, they would offer what I was looking for. They knew enough about ophthalmology, they could work [unclear], and they had enough knowledge, you know, enough, more than enough to help an ophthalmic practice like mine.

Laura and Rod were very distinctive in their… in their precision and their… their objectivity and advice and everything else. Very impressed. Okay. And that is what… At that point, after the first meeting, I really felt I could work with them.