LiveseySolar Testimonial | James Ball | Custom Vision Clinic

ZEISS put us in contact with LiveseySolar. It was over ten years ago now. The expertise that LiveseySolar brought in to help us communicate our messages was invaluable. It just made complete sense again. They’ve worked with a lot of different clinics. They’ve worked with big chains, they’ve worked with small independent providers, they’ve worked with individual eye surgeons. So they have a wealth of knowledge of ophthalmology.

They also have a wealth of knowledge of medicine in commercial practice, and they have a structured approach so that when you’ve met with them and when you‘ve talked about your goals and ambitions, they actually help you refine those goals and ambitions. And then they give you a framework to work in to develop those goals, with specific targets to be delivered, specific jobs of work to create content, to create effective communication so that you know that you’re beginning with a plan.

And one of the things that have excited me about the Custom Vision Clinic is the fact that, because it’s mine, I can make the decision about, well, how do I do that communication. I’m the decision maker, so I can say “Great, I’m working with LiveseySolar again. We’re making that commitment and we’re going to work together to make the Custom Vision Clinic a success.”