Healthcare consultations: The 3 biggest mistakes salespeople make

Regardless of what is being sold, the 3 biggest mistakes salespeople make are:

  1. They don’t ask questions
  2. They don’t ask the right questions
  3. When they ask questions, they don’t listen to the responses

It is essential to listen to our prospective patients in order to tailor-make our healthcare consultations to hold the attention of our clients to suit their needs. Nothing is more important. After the greeting, the warm-up and the intent statement, we’re ready to start asking our prospects questions, and ready to start listening to the answers. Skip this step at your peril, for there are major problems that can arise should you not listen to your prospects.

What are the four major problems of not listening to customers?

  1. We confuse our clients with everything we know, and we begin telling and not selling. The best salespeople in the world may know everything there is to know about the product, but listen well enough to know what not to say.
  2. If we confuse them, we lose them – a prospect’s attention span wanders every 30 seconds even when someone is extremely interested.
  3. We end up selling benefits that aren’t important to the prospect, or we create objections that weren’t there in the first place.
  4. We don’t get to the emotional motivators of the prospect, only the logical ones, to buy our product (why might our customers be buying?), and are unable to use these emotional motivators to create the urgency to buy today. There are a thousand reasons the mind can come up with to say no, but a yes can only come from the heart.
  5. We don’t establish the deep level of trust that is needed to make a recommendation for them to buy what we’re selling.

Listening is the single biggest validation we can give someone. Listening is the key to any sales process.

The entire psychology of the sales process should be geared towards creating the rapport necessary to induce a powerful, emotional discovery.

So how do we deliver a powerful discovery? In order to get our prospects to open up, we must do our first steps of the presentation correctly. And we’ll start looking at that process.. in our next post!