Using Google’s Keyword Trending tools to better target your search marketing

Receiving several hundred million queries each day, it is a known fact that Google’s web search is the most popular and widely used search engine in the World Wide Web.

Understanding how people search, what people search for, and when people search can be crucial information in marketing effectively to your online audience when drawing interested traffic to your website and ultimately generating those necessary enquiries.

There are some extremely powerful tools available, and when used correctly, they can help you achieve your objectives for effective search engine marketing.

Stuck for keyword ideas? Learn how to use the Google Keyword Tool

Google rewards relevance and quality; the idea is to think like your customers when selecting keywords. How might your customers search for your product or service? The keyword tool can help you become unstuck for keyword ideas. The tool provides plenty of suggestions for new keywords, and also helps identify negative keywords. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to use the tool.

More relevant keywords on your website, means more relevant traffic to your website. This in turn results in better ranking of your website on search engines leading to the knock on effect of more traffic.

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Time your search engine advertising more effectively by keeping an eye on Google Trends

Hot searches provide a snapshot of searching public’s collective mind by viewing the fastest-rising searches for different points of time.

The frequency of many search terms online and through Google has reached such a volume that they may indicate broader economic, social and health trends. The data about the frequency of the use of search terms on Google (Google Trends / Google Insights for Search) have been shown to correlate with flu outbreaks and unemployment levels and provide the information faster than traditional reporting methods and government surveys.

Learn how to use Google trends by watching this video tutorial. By using the Google trending information, you can have an considerably better chance of ranking higher in the search engines by timing your content publishing with what the public are searching for. In turn, increasing your ability to gain ‘interested traffic’ to your site. This is especially pertinent to paid search campaigns.

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