Website redesign: Samedaydoctor launches new website to better focus on their online target market and increases year on year turnover by 61%

We’ve been working with Docklands Chiropractic Clinic since 2006. Wanting to increase their turnover and expand into new markets, the clinic opened a new franchise called SamedayDoctor in the same Dockland’s premises, in 2008. They knew then that a strong internet marketing presence would be critical to the introduction of the new brand into the time-pressed, technically-savvy, and desk-bound Canary Wharf market place.

Initially, the sexual health arm of the practice performed reasonably well as a consequence of natural footfall and relying on enquiries from the parent brand based in Wimpole Street.

However, Gary and Laura Weber (the clinic owners) wanted to expand the clinic faster than the head office leads would support. They didn’t have enough enquiries to meet their goals. So, in 2009, we wrote a marketing plan to rebrand both clinics under one unique value proposition that would appeal to time-pressed consumers where time is such a precious commodity: “Sameday appointments” resulting in SamedayChiropractic + SamedayDoctor.

An initial step involved in re-branding the clinic was to redesign the website. The redesign aimed at generating enquiries that were in addition to those generated by head office. Cost constraints precluded designing two completely different websites, so we designed one that aimed to serve both markets as a stop-gap.

After using a combination of paid search and search engine optimisation campaigns for the group website, we were able to help increase Samedaydoctor’s year on year turnover by 61%  in 2010.

Further, by segmenting the pages and analysing web visitor pathways, we could provide evidence that web user habits differed significantly between the market for chiropractic and sexual health services (as expected).

Both of these factors supported the design of a new website for Samedaydoctor – aimed at delivering information to visitors in a fast, simple and dynamic way. The new website, launched last week, focuses entirely on the Samedaydoctor market and will act as solid foundation for ongoing SEO and paid search efforts.

Visit the site and you’ll notice that it is entirely aimed at giving the right market as much information as they need to make an initial phone call – which is the primary goal of the site.

We’re proud of the website design, which we think is minimal, yet pleasing to the eye. But most importantly, we strongly believe that this site will attract more visitors, help visitors quickly find what they’re looking for, convert more visitors into callers, and become central to Samedaydoctor’s internet marketing efforts for years to come.

And of course, because the market is Canary Wharf’s always-on business people – the website has to look and work as good on a mobile phone as it does from a 21-inch flatscreen – check it out on your iPhone or your iPad and you’ll like what you see.

The LiveseySolar team involved in the development of this website:

  • Christina Hildebrandt who managed the project from start to finish
  • Michelle Nottebrock who designed and developed the website
  • Tiya Makwana who provided copy editing, HTML formatting, and image processing
  • Charmaine Brink who managed the administrative details surrounding the project
  • Olimpia Sirtori who provided copy editing, HTML formatting and image processing
  • Neil  Matthews who provided technical support
  • Laura Livesey who provided creative direction
  • Rod Solar who provided strategic direction

We would also like the thank our clients: Mr.Wayne Cottrell, Ms. Laura Weber, and Mr. Gary Weber, with whom’s guidance, editing and suggestions this website would not have been possible.