“I’d give them a 10 out of 10”

This is a transcript of a feedback interview conducted by an independent researcher, with Maitland Cook, hospital director of the Cadogan Clinic:

Q. Please rate your overall experience with LiveseySolar.

MC: I’d give them a 10 out of 10.

Q. Why did you give this rating?

MC: Found them to be efficient, very good ideas, always on hand – accessible, kept information simple for those not in marketing, so that they found it easy to understand. We engaged LiveseySolar to first design our website in late 2008 and then as marketing consultants a few months later in 2009.

Q. If the need existed, would you purchase their services again?

MC: Absolutely, because I was happy with their service and access to Rod and Laura. They were very accessible.

Q. What is the most important value LiveseySolar provided?

MC: I think they gave good general marketing advice. They are good at generating new ideas as well as ways to continue existing ideas in practical ways.

Q. Why did you choose LiveseySolar over an alternative?

MC: When looking for people we carried out interviews. We interviewed Rod, and felt he had the best ideas. I liked Rod’s ideas and felt that he would do the best job and be able to get the best results.

Q. If you hadn’t selected LiveseySolar, what would you have done?

MC: We would have muddled along, as I stated we had interviewed others but felt that they were not up to scratch.

Q. What would you say if someone asked you about the results you achieved by working with LiveseySolar?

MC: Very good. Professional, organised, good ideas. Very happy with organised meetings but kept contact in between formal meetings. Felt that they were good with communication.