“Very, very professional”, “Experts”, “Thorough”, “Absolutely brilliant”, “Very impressed”, “Fantastic”, “An amazing result”, “Absolutely fabulous”. These are a few of the phrases our clients use to describe us.

These posts feature our customers sharing how we’ve helped their practices grow. Many are in video format with attached transcriptions.

Testimonial by Mr Robert Morris, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

2021-10-05T07:41:41+01:00Client Testimonials, Video blog post|

Hiring an effective marketing agency is difficult. Finding one suitable for an eye hospital is even harder! In this video, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Mr Robert Morris describes the process he went through to engage with somebody to try and improve the profile of Grange Eye Consultants. He explains why he has chosen LiveseySolar for Healthcare Marketing support over the last decade and why he feels "there was no other choice for me."

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