LiveseySolar Testimonial | Sukhvinder Singh Jhotti | Scandinavian Health System

IE Hi, my name is Sukhvinder Singh Jhotti and I’m the Managing Director of a clinic based in Oslo, Norway. And yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Rod’s and Laura’s presentation about practice development, at ESCRS.

And I was pretty amazed because in a very compact format I received very precise and identifying [?] information that as a comp- IT professional I consented to your thorough and the scientific presentation.

I liked the way it was researched, so it was easy to see, it was quite objective and it was easy to trust the advice. It wasn’t, like, you gave me and I tell you all the time, it was sensible things, but a lot has to be thought of and experienced.

And I’ve had, I was given the opportunity to share some of that in a very short time and in a pleasurable way. So I was excited to be there and I’ll take back a lot, home, and implement and ask for more help when I need it. Thank you.

IV Oh thank you very much.