LiveseySolar Testimonial | Kristian Mejlvang and Gustav Muus | Øjenhospitalet Danmark


We first met Kristian Meljvang at ESCRS 2014 in London, when he volunteered to roleplay a first appointment conversation with Rod Solar – on stage – as part of his Masterclass.

Since then, he introduced us to Øjenhospitalet Danmark and their managing director, Gustav Muus. Since its inception in 1985, over 300,000 patients have helped build Øjenhospitalet Danmark for what it is today. As a Copenhagen-based eye clinic and hospital, they differ from other treatment sites by providing a tailor-made treatment for every patient – focusing on quality and the most advanced approaches to ophthalmic diagnostics and treatment delivery.

Since training their telephone and clinical staff in Copenhagen on both telephone handling and first appointment handling, the clinic has progressively made strides in increasing their conversion rates – generating more patients from their marketing investments. We met the team again in Barcelona (ESCRS 2015) for a refresher, and we’ve since kept in contact with both Kristian and Gus because they’re both not only great at what they do, but like-minded people to spend time with whenever we’re in the same cities.

Here’s what they had to say when we caught up with them in Barcelona and asked them about their experiences with us.

Gustav Muus: It’s a challenge because, as you can see, we are young guys, and the clinic is more than 30 years old. So we need to have some changes with the staff and how they’re preparing the patients, talking with the patients. We needed to go out of this, we think, a little bit conservative regime.

Kristian Mejlvang: LiveseySolar gave us a lot of schemes we could look into, a lot of plans we can follow and see the progress. That helped a lot. And also just talking a lot to the staff helped a lot to see how they are going, which challenges do they face and so on. Yes.

GM: And also making it a task instead of making it, you know, not a number we’re talking about or not a thing we are acting about, but reviewing what are we doing, instead of just reviewing our surgical results. First, you get presented an idea and then afterwards, how to execute it. That is a difficult task, and also the preparing part is important, very important.

We thought we were prepared. We weren’t really prepared.

We focused our business differently now than we did before, sure, and we stopped doing different sorts of business and looked into what’s better for the clinic. So it helped us have a better focus, I believe. I would definitely recommend it, you know.

KM: Me too.

GM: If you want to build up a practice with more than just the regular staff, with an eye doctor and a secretary and a nurse, then you should consider it, surely, if you’d like to be a big… a larger clinic. Just with a few people, it’s… you need to think organisation, and it’s a good way to organise from the ideas you gave us.

KM: Well, we’ve got a lot of valuable insight. Still, we can get more, but for sure it was a pleasure working with LiveseySolar the whole way around. Very professional, very pleasant and always eager to help you out in the process where you are. So, that’s mandatory when you’re dealing with such a kind of process, right? And, they did very well.