Testimonial by Emma Rowe-Jones

QU: We asked Clinical Nurse Emma… If she thought training was useful…

ER: I thought it was very good, it was incredibly interesting. I think it’s really changed the way that we will approach the patients and therefore improve our relationship with them. I think it showed that we were doing things wrong before, and I think it’s a very different concept, that I’m looking forward to developing actually with Alex and Debbie.

QU: We asked Clinical Nurse Emma… What she had learned during training…

ER: Fundamentally we are used to doing a lot of what you told us today, but just at different stages.

IV: Okay, so it, kind of, makes things a bit clearer and, kind of, clarity and, yes.

ER: I hope so, I really hope so, and I think when Alex and Debbie sit down and really look at it, they’ll realise that what we’re asking them to do actually isn’t hugely different.

QU: We asked Clinical Nurse Emma… How likely she would be to recommend us on a scale of 1-10…

ER: I would say, nine, I think it’s really good, I think it’s all about putting the customer, or the patient, as we would call them, first. And I think… Yes I wouldn’t hesitate, I think it’s been very interesting and I think it’s aspects of it you can take into the other parts of your visits, it’s not just about the phone calls, it’s about dealing and improving customer care all the way through, the whole journey.

IV: Oh yes, yes absolutely