LiveseySolar Testimonial | Dr Cheryll Lee | The EyeClinic Singapore

IV: If you can just introduce yourself and where you’re from?

IE: Okay. Right, I’m Dr Cheryll Lee and I’m an ophthalmologist practising currently in Singapore. And I’ve worked for 10 years in the UK and some time in Paris and some time in Miami. I registered with the ESCRS fairly early and on finding out that there was a practice management course, I tried signing up for it but it was already full. But there was this lady who was very kind, I’d written to her and say, if there was, if someone had given their place, please contact me, and she did very promptly, so I was very pleased.

And on the day of the course, well, it was an agenda that said seven and half hours and no coffee break and no lunch break, so I think we were quite worried. But I must say the seven and a half hours passed very quickly. And I think what was important was that there was a good chronology, I think, to each half an hour, and it was, it would have been a pity for anyone to have left the course and come back in the middle of it, because there was actually an order.

And I think some of us looked like we were not listening, because I had my iPad and then I had my camera, but actually all that was, writing down along the way what was being said. And I’m very pleased to say that some of the pointers that Rod had pointed out, like how to get the staff better at picking up phone calls and how to talk to callers, that’s already worked because I’ve written an e-mail, I’ve sent it off to my girls already. And I plan to go on the website and look at the blogs and then to start a little, well prepare a little presentation and hopefully that will be initiated next week. So hopefully some good news in the following year.

IV: Fantastic, thank you.