“Overall, I am very satisfied”

After extensive training and long-term coaching work with the London Vision Clinic’s front-line telephone team (where we in fact have developed and tested many of our ideas over the last 7 years), they asked us to train their clinical staff in the same telephone skills. So, we’ve inviting at least one nurse or technician to our open-access Increase Telephone Conversion Rates 2-day course over the past year. Here is what one of these clinicians had to say about what she learned regarding dealing with objections:

I learned a lot from the qualifying (middle section). I will most be able to apply ‘Dealing with Objections’. I found the role-play in front of everyone to be very challenging – but, in fact, more would be good. Overall, I am very satisfied.

Clinical Technician, London Vision Clinic

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  1. Ziggy 4th May 2011 at 7:29 am

    That’s way more clever than I was expecting. Thanks!

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