Delivering Customer Service Excellence course review: “Getting the best from your staff”

Managers: Are you sick and tired of staff that just don’t respect you or your customers?

Imagine that you’re a manager who sells their services to your staff and colleagues. Your staff and your colleagues are your customers. Now, assuming that you want to do your best by your customer, how might that one new perspective change the way you treat them? Would you change anything about how you talk to them? Would you change how much time you give them? How might you listen to them or ask their opinion about important aspects of your business?

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you followed through with this exercise until it became a habit. Consider how your staff might then treat your customers. Would they model the same respect, trust and empathy that you, their manager, bestow upon them? The answer is probably yes.

If you’re not already treating your staff with the level of respect and courtesy that you expect for yourself and your customers, is it any wonder, then, that there is a dearth of good customer service representatives in your company?

I learned about customer communication and comfort when the clinic is running late, getting the best from your staff by valuing them and listening to them as to how things could be improved, and making the patient feel special when they rings for advice, etc.  This training will help me to solve any problem that may arise through various alternatives if the one they want is not always possible. Overall, it was quite an interesting morning with some valuable advice.

Medical PA, The Harley Street ENT Clinic, London