“I would recommend this course as a great all-round staff-booster!”

We designed the “Delivering Customer Service Excellence” course to address what we found was an unacceptable level of customer service in the private health care industry, and because many of our own clients were only aiming for “customer satisfaction”.

Deciding that the standard we were aspiring to was not mere “customer satisfaction” but rather Raving Fans “Customer Loyalty”, we composed a course that would systematically aim to encourage organisations to raise their standards.

Since then, we’ve introduced our course to several organisations, both public and private, before we take it into the open-access space. Here is what one receptionist had to say about her experiences at the course:

The topics that were most useful were the ones that gave you ideas on going that extra mile… All the topics are applicable; but only with the support of my manager. All the topics were challenging in their own way. I would recommend this course as a great all-round staff-booster! Rod Solar is very good; creates a great atmosphere and a very positive vibe.

Receptionist, London

About the Author:

LiveseySolar's mission is to help you build the practice and life you love. Using our 5-Step Private Healthcare Marketing System, our customers can predictably and sustainably grow their practice so that they can enjoy a healthy balance between both worlds - a successful private practice and a happy life.

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