“He was enthusiastic, had all the answers, and handled wobbly situations delicately”

Sometimes, at our open-access courses, we have the pleasure of hosting participants that do not necessarily fit nicely into the fields that we have the most experience in, that is laser eye surgery and plastic surgery.

I first met Nikke Ariff in 2003, while working with the London Vision Clinic. The Clinic wanted to treat their patients to an Indian Head Massage before eye surgery and a relaxing foot reflexology treatment after the procedure. In case you’re curious an Indian Head Massage is a stimulating massage that works on the back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face. A treatment is of approximately 20 minutes duration. Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive therapy where gentle pressure is applied to the different surfaces on the face, hands and feet.

It was Laura Livesey that suggested that Nikke would be ideal for this role, as she is not only an expert at what she does (consistent with the Clinic’s own standards of excellence) and that she exuded the kind of customer care that we wanted most in anyone treating the Clinic’s patients.

A few years and thousands of Indian Head Massages later, we decided to invite Nikke to attend one of our courses to see if the material would help her private practice: Mind Body Positive. After the course, here is what Nikke had to say about it:

I found handling objections to be the most useful, and then the Proposal stage of the phone call. Most challenging will be trying to ‘stick’ to the format of handling objections. I have to develop my style within the constraints of the Process, just like Frances did in her final, brilliant role-play! Rod Solar was enthusiastic, had all the answers, and handled wobbly situations delicately.

Nikke Ariff, Director, Mind Body Positive Ltd.

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