“They are always flexible, know how to market our company and have innovative ideas”

We first met Gary and Laura Weber in the summer of 2007 when we approached them to carry out some telephone training for their staff. Since then, we’ve not only become synergistic business associates, but also good personal friends with the Webers.

Both Gary and Laura are avid seekers of personal growth and love attending courses and workshops (including Anthony Robbins and the Landmark Forum) that help them not only grow personally but also their successful chiropractic practice in Dockland’s West India Quay area.

Their business and personal success is a testament to both hard work and business smarts.

A highly-skilled veteran of my training, here is what Laura Weber had to say about her experience at my Increase Telephone Conversion Rates 2-day course.

“I would recommend anyone in a customer-oriented business to speak to Rod and Laura. They are so approachable; nothing is too much trouble and they are very professional in every way. They are always flexible, know how to market our company and have innovative ideas. Rod gears his training to the correct level for the team. I feel like he truly wants the best for us, and that he really cares.

“At the most recent course, I learned most from using tie downs, asking more questions and handling objections. I also realized how much needs to change to improve and get outstanding results. It’s so important to really understand patients’ needs as all that patients want is to be helped. They may have objections, however this is only what people have in day-to-day life and one needs to work with people to find the best solution for them. Taking them down the right road and doing this in an open friendly manner is important.

“Rod will be pleased to know that I just interrupted completing this to handle a 20-minute call of mainly handling objections!! I should have made more time to write the full script down rather than have it in sections to make role play easier.

“I think that you could suggest people from different clinics to keep in touch so that they can help each other implement the education, follow up with it and build rapport. They would then know each other better on the next training

“Rod Solar is personable, friendly and enthusiastic. The course team felt comfortable with him. Rod has high standards for achievement, which is fantastic for anyone who wants to improve him or herself personally and professionally. Practicing in role-play is challenging for everyone but a good way to exercise the education taught.”

Laura Weber, Clinic Director, Samedaychiro/Samedaydoctor