“I would not change anything in the course”

On the subject of objections, I’ve often found that people find that the most challenging part of the course… especially when I make them handle objections in front of the group (ooohh! scary!). It’s always a useful exercise that goes miles towards building confidence. Especially since, in my opinion, the sale begins when the prospect first says “no”.

The reality is that when people have objections, it’s usually just a request for further information, disguised as a ambiguous statement like: “hmm, I want to think about it…”

This is what one chiropractor’s assistant had to say after attending two of my Increase Telephone Conversion Rates 2-day courses held in central London:

I learned about having more confidence so the patient will trust me more. The questions were very helpful and will help with our clinic. The objections, I feel will be the most challenging. As I feel the objections will be the most challenging I will have to say I would have liked to have gone through the objections a lot more. Having said that, I would not change anything in the course as there was a good atmosphere – very friendly and an easy location.

Chiropractic Assistant, Samedaydoctor / Samedaychiropractor