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“I would recommend LiveseySolar to anyone”

Shortly after the launch of St. James’s Laser Vision, we asked Mr. James Ball, FRCOphth, Ophthalmic Surgeon, to provide us with some of his feedback after working with us for over a year. Here’s what he said:

“I would recommend LiveseySolar to anyone trying to develop a private medical practice – and I have done. Their help has been invaluable in developing our service – everything from naming and branding the clinic, writing the copy for the website and brochures, creating a marketing strategy, putting structures in place to begin our internal marketing and helping to generate word of mouth referrals.

For Andy (Morrell) and I, being put in touch with them was instrumental in persuading us to purchase the Zeiss excimer laser for St James’s Laser Vision. We carefully went through the specifications of all the excimer lasers on the market. We eventually decided that the Zeiss laser had the edge on the other lasers. However, we were very concerned that we would receive a box and then be given no help getting patients to treat with it.

Bausch and Lomb and AMO in particular have practice development programmes, which they provide on the purchase of one of their lasers. We were concerned that Zeiss had nothing to compete with this. Fortunately Tony Campion from Zeiss put us in touch with them in order to fulfill that need.”

After working with James to launch this successful clinic, he asked us to develop his website for his private practice.