Consultation sales training review: “Invaluable learning tools”

In 2007, I was asked to carry out a series of evening seminars for the clinical team at the London Vision Clinic. The Clinic had decided that they wanted to ensure that their clinical staff had the same level of customer-facing expertise as their front-line staff. The participants in these seminars were Mr. Glenn Carp (Ophthalmic Surgeon), and Darren Couch and Emma Firmager (both Optometrists).

The training was very relevant. It supplies a different perspective on patient management and engagement and as the principles are put into practice and slowly become second nature, it becomes clearer as to how we can direct our patients toward conversation and ideas that we would like them to adopt or consider. I have certainly made an effort to introduce these concepts in my every day approach and interaction with my patients, and feel that it has made a difference! These sessions are truly an invaluable learning tool.

Glenn Carp, Laser eye surgeon, London Vision Clinic, London

The training has been very helpful. Some areas could probably be a little more product-specific. The interaction is good. Always relaxed and upbeat even if we all seem rather down beat after a busy day of seeing patients. I have found that the training has helped me to be more perceptive of patient needs, requirements, concerns and how to react both verbally and non verbally. It has helped me to listen more effectively.

Emma Firmager, Optometrist, London Vision Clinic, London

The content of the training was very relevant, especially the work focusing on motivation, and keeping the extra effort going, when things are demanding in the clinic. This is one of our biggest challenges. I found the style and method of delivery good, relaxed and informal. The training helps to challenge and really try to establish whether we are doing the best for each patient. It has been good to share our individual approaches.

Darren Couch, Optometrist, London Vision Clinic, London