Optegra Continues to Invest in 5-Star Patient Satisfaction by Re-engaging LiveseySolar for Interpersonal Skills Training

We’re happy to announce that Optegra has re-commissioned LiveseySolar to provide new employees from around the country with interpersonal skills and communication skills training. Optegra, whose vision is to be the world’s most trusted choice for eye care, has world-class centres for excellence in eye care in the UK and international markets.

Our aim with training their team is to help them create a completely new kind of experience for their patients: one that guarantees superb levels of care and attention for everyone, every step of the way through the eye treatment journey.

The results after our initial series of trainings were very successful. The first round of training included over 70 staff from 4 different role sets. We have continued to improve upon these results with further training in October 2013.

The feedback from the most recent training was excellent:

  • Participants on a whole felt that the workshop would help them perform in their current job and future job prospects
  • 94% of attendees found the notes and workbook extremely useful and clear to understand.
  • 100% of attendees agreed that they would have still opted to attend the training course with the benefit of hindsight and 94% would recommend the training to others.
  • All but one of the course participants also stated that they were able to attend the course without unreasonable interruption to their day-to-day duties.
  • 100% of participants agreed that the workshop had a positive and supportive atmosphere. 75% felt that their confidence had increased as a result of the course.
  • Survey respondents found the course to be very comprehensive, with the majority having no further suggestions about extra topics that they felt should have been included.

Attendees were impressed with the training and commented that:

The trainer was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Invested in positive outcome for us all.

The instructor was excellent, very good pace and kept us engaged. I liked the fact that the role play, which was an important element, was not done on a ‘sit apart and everyone watch basis’. It felt more relaxed and I was happier to practice.

We look forward to working with Optegra well into the future and continuing to support their efforts at offering world-class customer service to their patients seeking eye surgery.

Optegra operates six eye hospitals:

  • Optegra Surrey Eye Hospital (Guildford)
  • Optegra Birmingham Eye Hospital (Aston)
  • Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital (Apperley Bridge and Laser Eye Centre in Leeds City Centre)
  • Optegra Solent Eye Hospital (Whiteley)
  • Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital (Didsbury)
  • Optegra Eye Hospital (London)