“I will be devising plans to overcome problems within the clinic”

One can evaluate the impact of training in four ways: first, did the participants enjoy it and find it useful; second, did they apply the learning; third, did the application of learning generate an impact in their job role; and lastly, did that impact translate into tangible results for the company? I personally while I cannot control these results, they are certainly within my circle of influence.

When I hear that a participant was moved sufficiently to act on the training, I feel like I’m really getting on the right track:

I learned about personality traits. As a result of this training, I will be devising plans to overcome problems within the clinice.g. late running clinics, patients becoming impatient. Overall it was a very interesting and helpful session.  Rod Solar himself was very interesting, helpful and I would recommend this session to any business/clinic/hospital.

Specialist ENT nurse, The Harley Street ENT Clinic, London

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