LiveseySolar Testimonial | Dan Reinstein | London Vision Clinic

Rod and Laura, I actually met them in Canada because I was visiting one of my mentors and then of course very good friend, Hugo Sutton, and they were working for him. And I asked them whether they’d be interested in coming to London to, you know, help me with starting my own clinic. And, you know, what I was impressed by was that they were marketing… they were marketing experts, and I like experts. I’m an expert. And what I liked about them was that they were very, very focused and passionate about treating marketing as a science and approaching it in a modular way so that the ensemble of the activities result in growth of the clinic.

And, of course, that does involve trying sometimes, trying things that don’t work, and that’s part of the learning process because I think that every practice, every surgeon, every practitioner has different things to offer. There are generic things. Perhaps the procedure is generic in that sense, but I think we all as individuals have different strengths. And I think, you know, working with the individual surgeon’s strength, I have certain strengths and I have certain weaknesses, and so using my strengths to create a way – and marketing is often… often in medicine is considered to be bit of a dirty word, but if we just say marketing means making sure that people out there know where to find you, if you are what they’re looking for.

And I think that, you know, one of the things that was important, I think, was that we developed a marketing programme that was specific to my strengths, as opposed to just kind of, like, oh, well, here’s how it’s done, and we implement these five things and you’ll be doing more surgery, which can be done as well, but I don’t… that wasn’t my… that wasn’t going to work for me because I excel in certain areas and I might be ordinary in others. And I think using people’s strengths is where they, kind of, homed in and say it’s a great personal approach. It wasn’t. They’re not a big, you know, multinational marketing company that has a formula on how it’s going to work for every single surgeon.