LiveseySolar Testimonial | Lydia Chang and Praveen Patel | Eyesight Herts

LC: We wanted to find someone who was an expert in ophthalmic digital marketing, and we were recommended LiveseySolar.

PP: We’d heard good things from colleagues and friends who’d used the team before, so we were keen to explore using LiveseySolar for our practice.

LC: We recognised that when we started up the business we wanted to put the structure in place, but the next step was really to get a really polished message out there, which is why we went to LiveseySolar.

PP: The other thing I think is really about customisation and really giving us what we want as individuals, and bringing that through the messaging, really showing that through the messaging that’s out there. And, you know, Laura and Rod are, kind of, facilitating that for us, rather than just putting out a bland, generic message.

LC: Yes, a more modern feel to the… to the messaging, rather than… Because of the layers that we’re talking about, the website, the videos, the guides and all that, I think that’s very… that’s a contemporary approach to the sort of business that we want to portray.

PP: They’re clearly very professional, they know what they’re doing, but they also, you know, put us at ease really so that that we can actually cut through what’s needed to actually get what we want, and that’s ultimately what it’s about, when no one has enough time to do everything. So it’s making us feel relaxed enough and working in, kind of, effective and friendly way.

LC: Yes, I think the company have been very thorough. They’ve prepared well. They’ve answered questions to do with both the format and the remuneration basically that we’ve had to, sort of, drill through, just to make us feel comfortable that this has been a wise investment, really.

PP: It’s very much bespoke to us, rather than a generic product that is forced on us, and that comes through very clearly the minute you, kind of, meet Rod and Laura, and it certainly means that we… you know, we’re getting what we want.

LC: Yes, absolutely.