What it takes to be a 1%-er, and what to ask yourself if you aren’t

In 2015, Market Scope estimated US surgeons performed ± 630,000 laser vision correction procedures.

Interestingly, most (63.2%) surgeons (n=2,208) performed an average of ONLY 35 procedures in ONE year – or 12.2% of annual LVC procedures (76,550).

On the other side of the pie, 1% of surgeons – a total of 39 – in the tiny light blue sliver of this pie – performed 12.7% of the LVC procedures in the US in 2015, or between 1500 to 5000 procedures annually.

As is the case with all innovations (e.g. railroads, telephones, internet service providers, media companies) – standardisation follows proliferation, and laser vision correction surgery will eventually be dominated by fewer and higher-volume surgeons as consolidation ensues. The rich will get richer.

If you’re not a 1%-er, the question today is: 1) will you get with the program (do what they do), 2) will you get gobbled up (or join them willingly), or 3) will you eventually get out of the business?

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