Can I see some sales training testimonials or reviews?

When researching different training providers, reading testimonials is one way of getting a feel for what previous clients have thought of the service provided and the subsequent impact on their business.

We have hundreds of sales training testimonials from our past training participants, which we would encourage you to read if you are considering working with us. After clients have completed our training sessions, we always ask for feedback and include their full statements on our testimonials page. We don’t just publish the positives – for full disclosure, we include the aspects they thought could be improved as well as what they were happy with.

Please read testimonials for our telephone sales training courses here and for our personal sales training here.

We value real results

While many training providers will evaluate their results only on the positives that come across in testimonials and their growing number of apparently happy customers, this is only one part of the puzzle. At LiveseySolar we think it is important to consider the larger picture and count positive sales training reviews as only a small part of our success.

Most training participants are happy to provide a good testimonial as long as they were entertained during the training session and found the trainer pleasant. These things are indeed important but enjoying a training programme does not necessarily mean that it will translate into business results.

Some unscrupulous training companies even write their own testimonials and simply ask clients if they can published their names next to a pre-written quote. This is one way of making a training company look good on paper but does not demonstrate true results in terms of increased conversion rates and other measurable business improvements.

We evaluate training on 5 different levels, and testimonials and reviews are only one fifth of our total evaluation. We think it is important to evaluate training results beyond the superficial aspects of what participants liked or did not like about the training experience.