FAQ: How Good Are You at Sales Training?

When trying to decide on the best sales training company for your needs, you will naturally want to compare results. Unfortunately, there is no general database or league table for sales training results. One of the reasons for this is that many sales trainers don’t measure business progress after training, so there is a general lack of data across the industry.

We want to see big results

There are many different ways to judge success but if you define being good at something by the value that it generates, then it is fair to say that we are excellent at providing value to businesses through sales training.

We don’t just aim to provide a good quality training program. Good sales training is not just about providing useful information and techniques. Our aim is for your business to improve measurable results in terms of increased sales and return on investment.

Our clients hire us to dramatically increase their sales, and more specifically, their conversion rates. We keep track of all our training results and measurable business data from both before and after training and now have over 10 years of data for analysis.

A retrospective meta-analysis of our training results showed that our clients have increased their conversion rates for telephone sales by an average of 74%, and increased their conversion rates at face-to-face appointments by an average of 48%.

The average return on investment of companies that invest in our telephone sales training is 48:1. Our average personal sales training return on investment is 20:1. These figures are based on results within three months of completing the training programme.

The return on investment that your business experiences will depend on several factors including your average conversion rate prior to training and the price of your product and services. We cannot guarantee that every company will achieve our average ROI, however the lowest ROI we have measured in 10 years is 4:1, meaning that the session paid for itself four times over within three months of the training.