5 ways to adapt your healthcare marketing to Millennials

There is no doubt that, of all the criteria that explain a consumer’s behaviour, the most crucial is his or her age and generation. This unavoidable fact affects everything, from what you say, where you say it, how you say it, and what you charge for your offerings. What appeals to a millennial may irritate a baby boomer. What delights a baby boomer may make a millennial cringe. You must seek to understand your audience if you hope for them to understand you. Generational marketing provides guidelines to help you do just that...

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Will Millennials save laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery, while delivering outstanding outcomes, has been limping along as a product for a decade since the great recession of 2007. Optimistic refractive surgeons await the maturing of the Millennials, the children of the parents who once took up laser eye surgery in droves. Is this wise? This healthcare marketing post argues why the Millennial market may not purchase laser eye surgery as their parents once did, and provides advice on what to do instead of tie your practice success solely to this target market.

Michael Wick Testimonial

Internet marketing internship in London Michael worked on Internet marketing and copywriting at Liveseysolar. In the following testimonial, he shares his unique experiences. “An internship at LiveyseySolar is a valuable experience learning new skills daily. One of the main focuses of the internship, [...]

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Ruhi Sikri Testimonial

Healthcare Business Internship in London Ruhi had an amazing time during her internship at LiveseySolar. In this post she describes her daily tasks, projects and why working with Rod and Laura is a great opportunity. “My internship in London at LiveseySolar Practice Builders has provided me [...]

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Rod Solar reveals practice building secrets gained over a decade of growing healthcare organisations at ESCRS 2013 Practice Development Weekend

Rod Solar reveals practice building secrets at ESCRS 2013 Practice Development Weekend We decided to get practical at the ESCRS Practice Development Weekend in Frankfurt by revealing the very best business development strategies and tactics we've learned after working to build healthcare businesses over a decade. [...]

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Healthcare marketing planning: the three starting points

The choice of target market, probably the most important decision facing a healthcare marketer, is based on recognising the differences among consumers and organisations within a heterogenous market. That choice, will also need to considered in the context of who you are competing against. However, selecting a target market must follow an understanding of not only the competitive context. You must first understand the environment for marketing decisions.

Commoditisation in private healthcare

The enemy isn't your bargain basement competitor. The enemy is price competition. But because you chosen the wrong target, you've performed a principal role in what we perceive to be a marketing tragedy. We could write a book with this tragedy at the centre, and it could be called: The commoditisation of professional medical services...

Online advertising spending overtakes print for the first time according to new study

Online advertising is set to eclipse print (offline) advertising for the first time ever according to a study just released by eMarketer. Learn what you can do.

CRM system a great foundation for the marketing of private medical services

CRM system a great foundation for marketing private medical services.The function of ‘PPM’ would be controlling the consultant’s marketing communication with clients