Video: Straight talk for non-salespeople to become good at selling

Today we have 2 videos in which Rod Solar talks about our teaching approach and who might benefit most from working within this kind of learning environment. We’re continuing our new series of video Questions and Answers recorded during the recent ESCRS trade show that took place at the Excel Centre in London.

Question: How would you describe your style in teaching professionals to become sales heroes?


I like to be very clear. I also like to be quite ordered in how I communicate and I only like to communicate information that I have evidence to suggest works.

I think one of the things people who work with me appreciate is my honesty and my directness, and if you are doing something in such a way that’s not helping you I will tell you.

If you are doing things in such a way that I can detect perhaps are related to your own self-consciousness or your own fears or your doubts about what you can do, I will tell you.

So I am really clear in being direct with people and I like to really make sure that people don’t leave my learning experiences without knowing exactly what they have to work on, how hard they need to work on it and what it takes to become successful.

That’s not for everybody, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea in the sense that some people don’t like to be spoken to directly; but, I believe that I work with adults. I want to work with adults who can respond to clear criticism but also helpful support. These people are going to do well with me.

I don’t like to mince words. I like to be direct. But I believe that most people walk away with a feeling of confidence and a feeling of competence that they wouldn’t get without that directness and clarity.

Question: So who do you think benefits the most from working with you: what kinds of people?


I think a particular level of motivation has to be in place. One has to be ready to submit oneself to being a novice. To put aside previous ways of doing things. To open ones mind to doing things differently. Without that we don’t have much to go on.

So an open mind is critical. A level of maturity is important to be able to respond to criticism appropriately, and a certain level of motivation to do something different as long as one is motivated to concentrate on the target at hand.

If you keep your eye on the target hard work becomes less hard and the people who do best in my learning experiences are people that have a sincere hope to improve themselves and to get the results that they know they can get.

The only thing lacking is the skills, and perhaps a little bit of the discipline to stick to a process. Once they have that, the door is open.