Much of our work involves training our clients’ team members. These posts are their reactions to learning how to improve their social-emotional skills.

To serve this need, we train your team to improve their self-awareness. They can learn to better adapt to different personality types and changing social conditions. They can become better listeners and more capable of demonstrating emotional support. They can become better communicators and better-skilled negotiators.

They can learn these skills through training. They can then apply interview skills when they answer calls from prospective patients. They can use listening skills to understand their caller’s motivations. They can better support patients when they’re anxious. They can better respond to a patient’s questions and their desire to be understood.

As a bonus, these are the most transferable skills you can help them learn. These skills can help them not only become better workers, but also more effective humans beings. They’ll thank you for it and have more stable and productive relationships as a result.

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