#ESCRS18 Roundup –  Prize winners, Masterclass slides, handouts & more

We had an excellent time at ESCRS 2018 in Vienna this year, where Rod and Laura presented the Practice Development Masterclass on the 1st day and Rod presented a session on copywriting during the 2nd day. In this post, we announce our prize winners and where to get our Masterclass slides and handouts.

Announcing the winners for ESCRS 2018

This year we asked more than the 150 participants to submit questions from which we drew winners to win their choice of two prizes: a one-year license to our online course entitled

Each of these course licenses cost £995.

And the winners are…

  • Dr Jatin Ashar
  • Rana Baabed

Congratulations to the winners. We’ll be contacting them by e-mail with instructions on how to redeem their prizes this week.

The Masterclass Slides & Handouts

We collected a surprisingly large number of names and e-mails at both Rod and Laura’s Practice Development Masterclass and Rod’s 1-hour session the following day. We’ll be sending them the Masterclass slides and handouts directly as PDF documents.

Speaking at ESCRS 2018

Thanks to the organisers and the participants and see you all at ESCRS 2019!

ESCRS 2018 was our 9th ESCRS, speaking and moderating panels for the Practice Development Program.

Together and independently, the group of speakers, moderators, panellists and the committee have developed an educational program that has gone from strength to strength and attracts both top business professionals and ophthalmologists to this podium.

We’d like to send a big thanks to Colin Kerr, Paul Rosen, Kris Morrill, Arthur Cummings and all of the members of the ESCRS Practice Development Committee who have helped put this together along the way, and have been so kind to invite us to be a part of it year after year.

We also thank all of the hundreds of participants who have attended, asked questions, given reviews and implemented what they’ve learned.

ESCRS 2018 Friends Collage

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