Healthcare staff training takes off across Europe (Case Study)

Due to increasing competition within healthcare markets across Europe, LiveseySolar has been asked over the last few years to provide healthcare team training in an increasing number of non-English speaking countries.

We recently had the pleasure of training the lovely team at the KSA Vision Clinic, the leading clinic in Estonia that specialises in correcting short-sightedness with lasers. KSA Vision Clinic has dedicated staff, uses the best available technology, and provides world-class service to patients from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

We’ve had a long and productive relationship with owner and surgeon Ants Haavel, who has sent delegates to take part in our healthcare staff training programs in London over the last five years as well as attended many of our practice building masterclass workshops held at the European Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery each September. This past December Ants invited us to visit with his team in Tallinn, Estonia, to educate them on how best to handle first appointments.

100% of participants would recommend our sales training course

We were very pleased to hear that 100% of the team members employed by KSA said they’d recommend others to the medical consultation sales training course we conducted for them. Participants in the training event included nurses, optometrists, administrators, office managers, customer service consultants and surgeons, pictured below.

Rod Solar with the lovely KSA team in Tallinn, Estonia

Rod Solar with the lovely KSA team in Tallinn, Estonia

Feedback immediately following the healthcare staff training

“Today I heard many many good words about your presentation at KSA last weekend. We have here some who have been in the education business, sales and management of good businesses and they said – ‘very powerful stuff and excellent homework and preparation from Rod’. Thank you again. We start now to implement your ideas and lets keep in touch and do some action together in the future.”

Ants Haavel, Getter Orusalu, Laura Livesey and Rod Solar at ESCRS 2014

Ants Haavel, Getter Orusalu, Laura Livesey and Rod Solar at ESCRS 2014

Our recent visit to Estonia is another clear demonstration that proves the critical structure and processes required to provide exceptional customer service can effectively be taught, even in countries where English is not the mother tongue.

When asked about clarity of presentation, the delegates reported:


When asked if they found the content difficult to understand:


In the end, however, the clearest measure as to whether training is well received, is if participants would recommend it to others. To this question, they answered:

Feedback 3 months following the healthcare staff training

It’s been several months since we were in Estonia. While preparing for this post, we caught up with Ants over email and he said:

“After your course we started to implement your methods and system. Our customer service and consultants got more coherent, but at the same time all of the changes created more stress to the team until the new methods became habits. Numbers show that conversion rate went up 10% and I feel that relations between clients and our staff are more straightforward and honest. Also I see and feel that our staff is more confident. After implementing your process as a written system, training new consultants takes days; before it took weeks or months by “natural learning,” watching and mimicking. Thanks a lot Rod!”

Seeing a 10% improvement in conversion following trainings is an excellent result and we congratulate KSA for their commitment to improving their business. Watching our clients successfully negotiate the change process that is required of any business improvement project is very satisfying and having a quantifiable improvement in overall operational efficiency is the bonus cherry on top!